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About Us

A Lil' Bit About Us...

Just What is BBQ?


There are many interpretations of the term "barbecue." Some use it to describe a social gathering and grilling outdoors. At Back Alley, we use the term to describe our meat; slow-cooked, using Oak and Hickory wood smoke for the perfect flavor.

Barbecuing and grilling differ in that grilling is cooking over direct heat, usually a hot fire, for a short time. Barbecuing is cooking with wood smoke, using indirect heat, lower temperatures and longer cooking times. The distinction between barbecuing and grilling is the heat source, temperature, and cooking time. It's the smoke from the burning wood that gives barbecue its unique flavor. You can't BBQue with gas.

Some areas of the country baste the cooking meat with vinegar or use a mustard based sauce. Others use a dry rub, or the more common tomato based sauces. At Back Alley, we season our meat with a light rub, smoke to perfection, and served with barbecue sauces on the side for your individual taste.

So come on out to North Highway 77 in Beatrice and join us for lunch or dinner.  If you need your meals on the go, call for carry out or delivery.  Or let us do the catering for your special event. 

Call Kathy for a quote on your event - graduation, office party, wedding, or class reunions. 
Whatever the occasion, we can provide just the right menu for you!  

Enjoy ...




While you're in town, either at home or if you're just visiting, you might also enjoy:


Homestead National Monument of America


"FREE LAND!" was the cry! The Homestead Act of 1862 had immediate and enduring impacts on the United States and the world. It allowed any qualified person to claim up to 160 acres of the public domain for settlement and cultivation. If all requirements had been met after a five-year residency period, the homesteader became the legal owner of the property. Over two million individuals and families sought new lives as homesteaders in 30 different states. The Act brought about lasting changes to agriculture, industry, American Indians, immigration, national politics, and more. During the 123 years of the law's effectiveness (1863- 1986), the government distributed over 270 million acres of land. An estimated 93 million homesteader decendents inhabit the world today.

In 1936, Congress passed legislation created Homestead National Monument of America as a unit of the National Park System. The monument exists to interpret the impacts of the Homestead Act and homesteading on the United States and the world. A national homesteading museum is located in the Homestead Heritage Center; large farm implements and a historic 1867 log cabin are on display at the Homestead Education Center. The Freeman School, an original one-room brick schoolhouse constructed in 1872, is also available to visit. Over 2 1/2 miles of walking trails wind through 100 acres of restored tallgrass prairie.

The monument is located four miles west of Beatrice on State Highway 4. It is open every day, including Saturday and Sunday. The monument is closed only three days per year: Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and January 1. There is no charge to visit the monument or for any special events. Please call 402-223-3514 or visit for additional information.

You are invited to visit Homestead National Monument of America to learn more about the Homestead Act of 1862 and the many changes it initiated both here and abroad. The National Park Service looks forward to hosting you!

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